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Gluten Free Links

Please feel free to share your experiences or suggest additional resources. These are just the ones I’ve found most interesting thus far.


  • There is a ton of information here, but I must admit I find the site painful to navigate.
  • NIH’s Celiac Page: Good overview of what Celiac Disease is.


  • Elana’s Pantry: Great recipes, mostly using almond flour in place of gluten and agave nectar in place of sugar. She has a variety of lactose free recipes, too. Her cookbook is also excellent.
  • Gluten Free Food Reviews: No nonsense reviews of a variety of gluten free products. I stumbled on the site while looking for a review of Betty Crocker’s new gluten free cake mixes.
  • Gluten Free Girl: Some interesting looking recipes here. I haven’t tried enough yet to say how I like them, but I’m intrigued. She also has one cookbook out (and possibly a second one?).
  • Gluten Free Gobsmacked: Some lovely recipes on here. Many of them use potato flour, which I can’t have, but thus far I’ve found I can do fairly well without it. She also has some lovely personal notes, separate from the gluten issues.
  • Gluten Free Goddess: Interesting recipes that I haven’t tried yet.

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