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This is the page for interesting links that don’t fit anywhere else. You can find gluten free resources here. Sleep disorder resources are here.


  • In It For the Parking – this is my friend Rae’s blog about dealing with MS. It is intense, and tear-jerking, and joyful.
  • Double the Fun – my friend Sadia’s blog about raising twins, often while her husband is away serving in the military.
  • Across Divided Networks – my friend Andromeda, a classicist and librarian, blogging about the intersections between technology and information.
  • Practical Free Spirit – my friend Amy talks about creativity (both in writing and music, since she’s excellent at both) and balance.

How Our Brains Work

  • The Last Psychiatrist – snarky and interesting analysis of psychiatry, psychiatric meds, and society. Possibly my new favorite blog.


Social Intelligence

  • The Art of Non-Conformity – the blog of Chris Guillebeau. He writes about personal development, entrepeneurship, and travel. I find the personal development & entrepeneurship posts insightful.
  • Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist – a lot about personal development and social interaction. There’s a lot of stuff here about careers, obviously, but I find it’s applicable more generally as well.

Data & Visualization

  • Information is Beautiful – Great visualizations, including an absolutely awesome one looking at the proven efficacy of different nutritional supplements.

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