Healthy Obsessions The Adventures of a Mild Obsessive Compulsive

Sometimes, OCD is useful.

It’s more useful if you can find a way to direct it, which is what this blog is all about. Me directing my OCD in the directions that help me. (Mind you, there are plenty of times when I can’t seem to direct it at all.) This blog is also about documenting the things I learn both from my obsessions themselves and in handling my tendency to obsess, in case anyone else is trying to figure out the same things. What can I say? I’m still a teacher at heart.

The last few years, I’ve been obsessing about health in general. In particular, figuring out what the heck was wrong with mine.

I also obsess about other stuff, like skin care or hair care. Or books. Or particular time periods. Or historical figures. Or fairy tales. So I’ll probably talk about some of those things here, too.

The thing is, I obsess. I can’t really stop that, and I don’t really want to. I get a lot of joy out of the things I obsess on, and sometimes a lot of use out of them, too. Hopefully, they’ll be useful for other folks, too. Or at least entertaining.

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