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Fitbit: Tracking My Sleep, and My Sleep Does Not Look Good

I am tired.

Very, very tired.

Not sound sleep.

This was last night. 18 times awakened. Bah. And this isn’t even bad in comparison to the last few weeks. For this same night, my CPAP tells me I was averaging 12 hypopneas an hour. This is not good. But it’s better than the 25 I got a few days ago, which, according to the fitbit, translated into 38 times awakened during that night:

A bad night, indeed.

I saw the sleep doc today. We’re going to try shifting my mask, since one of the major things happening lately is insufflation (air going into my stomach). And I’ll try that tonight, probably. I’m also seeing a new ENT next week, to talk about shrinking my nasal turbinates (which is what I asked the last one to do, but he told me no. He also forgot he’d told me to schedule a follow up with him, and when I came in he stared at me blankly and asked why I was there…).

I am really tired.

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