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Seeing a Nutritionist

Stubborness pays off. As does patience, although I have a much shorter supply of that.

After all the run around and nonsense I went through with Blue Shield (BS) over the last several months, I finally have my authorization to see a nutritionist. Mind you, this would have been more useful when I was re-embarking on the gluten free lifestyle back in July. Better late than never.

Long story short-ish: BS only covers nutrition services for diabetics. Anyone else is SOL.

It wasn’t that the customer service agents weren’t sympathetic; once I explained to them that celiac disease is an auto-immune disorder treatable only through diet, they understood. But they couldn’t just contravene policy on my say so. So I needed an authorization, which meant my doctor needed to contact them. Which she did. And the authorization department told her that I didn’t need an authorization.

Rinse, repeat. Six or seven times.

I believe my PC doc sent a letter of medical necessity, sort of jumping past the authorization department confusion. And so, today, I’ll be seeing a nutritionist.

Fingers crossed that it will go well.

And yes, I’m bringing my medical binder.

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